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Aside from the Chapters

  • 2 hr
  • 299 US dollars
  • Online Meetup

Service Description

As we create your beautiful book, we must make sure it has the following: Title Page -includes the book title, subtitle, author name, editor, translator, publisher, information, and editor number. Half-title page – a page that will only include the title and no other information. Frontispiece- this is an illustration that will often sit opposite the title page to give a book a bit more visual flair. Copywrite page – lists the copyright holder, publishing information, ISBN, and copyright notices. Dedication – a single page that includes the authors dedication – usually ranging from a sentence or two to a short paragraph. Table of Contents – page numbers and chapter titles for easy reference that are a staple of non-often used in fiction. Epigraph – a quotation that precedes the body of a manuscript and sets the tone for what is to come. Preface – this is written by the author and appears in a book’s front matter, usually written in the first person. It explains why the author wrote the book, how they came to write it, and what challenges they faced in the process. It can also include biographical information and what qualifications they have to support their expertise in the topic. Introduction – a short piece of writing that is the first to be included in the body of the book and not in the front matter. It is also written by the author. Forward - where the writer talks about the relationship that he/she has with the author and the significance of the subject that the book explores. It is usually written by someone who appreciates and respects your work. final message, about the author. *Read and learn more about this session on my Blog.

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