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As I’ve met with people from all walks of life in my interviews, teachings, and podcasts, I became sure of one thing: anyone can have their own book. Yes! you read well. Be it a journalist, an engineer, a teacher, a hair dresser, a stay-at-home parent, a grandparent, a doctor, an artist, a financial advisor, an interior designer, a dancer, a professional swimmer, a hiker, a cook, a lawyer, a business owner, a real estate agent, a life guard, a film maker, a social media specialist, a priest ... Who are you?

You might think that writing is not in you, or it’s only a class that you may or may have not taken in school as an elective. You might be conditioned to think that Writing is just another subject, just like kids may think, erroneously, that mathematics is not for them. Think about Writing again. Like Math is part of us, Writing too is not a subject, a profession, a job, a talent, something to choose from that will enhance your skills, something that you were born with to do the rest of your life.

Something... No, it’s not “something”. Writing is more than that. Why do you think that we are aware of the history’s greatest and oldest passages in our planet and beyond? Because of writing!Writing is within you. Writing is a part of you in body, mind, and spirit. Let us help you find out.


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